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Josh Peterson


I am a remodeling contractor serving the St. Louis metro-east area of SW Illinois.  I have been remodeling homes for over 25 years.

Services - Remodeling, painting, tile, shelving, flooring, windows and doors, framing, drywall, paneling, pressure washing, siding, soffit, fascia, trim, concrete, brickwork, decks, porches, and sharpening tools to name a few.

Grover's Mill - I have a WoodMizer LT15-Wide bandsaw mill.  I am able to turn your logs into useable lumber.
My mill is not portable, so logs must be transported to the mill.  I have the capabilities to transport logs if need be.

Free Estimates
Fully Insured

Rates: $65/hour.  

I was first called 'Uncle Moustache' by my nephew, Ethan.  I was just then trying to come up with a name for my business, and decided  "if the moustache fits, wear it."

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Josh Peterson
 Cell/text 618-806-5674
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